About Chuck DeGroat


I have enjoyed a fluid combination of pastoral ministry, clinical counseling, and seminary teaching for the past 12 years, most of it spent in Orlando, FL. Prior to 2008, I taught and served as Director Spiritual Formation at RTS (Orlando).  In 2008, I took a position with City Church (San Francisco).  Together with my colleague Scot Sherman, I am working to develop a Reformed, ecumenical, and missional seminary here on the West Coast.  We call it The Newbigin Seminary Project. Within it is an exciting initiative called Newbigin Fellowship, a lay training program in worldview, spiritual formation, and community.  I also direct City Church Counseling Center, which serves a wide range of spiritual and emotional needs for the church and city, and facilitates a lay counselor training program for the church.

I hold a PhD in Psychology with a special emphasis in the psychology and theology of soul care and spiritual formation.

I enjoy my incredible wife of 15 years – Sara – and two beautiful daughters – Emma and Maggie.

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9 Responses to “About Chuck DeGroat”

  1. Hi Chuck, I can’t find out how to email you on City Church’s website. A friend of mine sent me this article on the Quarter-Life Crisis, and given your recent foray into the “young adults” risking relationships seminar, I thought you might find it interesting for your repertoire or a future talk. Not necessarily a Biblical perspective, but true nonetheless. It’s not too long.

    Hope all is well,

  2. Hi daddy I read about you.
    I like looking at your blog.


  3. I like the picture of are family.
    You are the best daddy ever.


  4. newbigin seminary project…tempting to add more yrs to my seminary training. alas.

  5. Hi Dad,
    Your blog is so interesting.
    I love it and I love you too.


  6. Hi dad, The picture of our family is so sweet.

  7. This is just a little joke so don’t actully say yes to it… If your free on wednesday can I meet with you? That was not really true.

  8. Hi dad I have not looked in your blog in a while now and I will look at it more now, ok.

  9. Hi dad I love you

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